The Fear of the Unknown Place by Cameron Jamie

Publisher: Optica, 1996
Format: Hardcover
Edition of 500

An elaborately produced book featuring the artist’s chaotic line drawings, paintings and prints. B/w, full-page reproductions of macabre images with 9 full-colour, tipped-in pictures. Some of the denizens inhabiting the ‘Unknown Place’ include horned demons, skulls, bats, masked villains, animals sharing intestinal matter, shrunken heads, and ominous hoods. Rust coloured linen hardcover debossed with blue ink. Translucent, cobwebbed protective papers add to the creepy factor while providing cover for the colour images.

Over the past 25 years, Cameron Jamie has planned and designed around 40 artist’s books. His work is exclusively analogue, using photocopiers. He sees the artist’s book as an artistic medium in its own right, equal in status to drawing, sculpture, film, etc. – a medium that opens up for creative artists undreamt-of possibilities for expression and representation.