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COMMENTARIVM presents a special screening with the director Michael Galinsky himself!!! @rumurpix 

ALL THE RAGE - Saved by Sarno
A Documentary by Michael Galinsky

November 17th - 19:00 @urladam_ 
On the surface, All the Rage is a story about chronic pain and a doctor’s quest to help people get rid of it. But it’s really about the stories people tell themselves about themselves, despite the facts that are right in front of their faces. It’s about the devastations of childhood, the rage of the impoverished and disenfranchised and the dismissal of science despite all evidence. — Missoula News
Using a first-person approach to explore the work of renowned physician Dr. John Sarno
and his radical methods to treating back pain, ALL THE RAGE examines the connection
between emotions and health. . Through interviews with Sarno, esteemed patients, and experts, the film invites viewers to profoundly rethink our approach to healthcare.
The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Michael Galinsky. 🏴

Link in bio for tickets, do not miss out!

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'Guns N' Roses were blowing up, and Nirvana was still an infant. George Bush was president and very few people had seen the internet'. Flashback photos of 1980s shopping malls, before online shopping killed off the iconic spaces. Photographer Michael Galinsky captured nostalgic snaps during the mall heyday in the 1980s. From zany hairdos to shuttered retailers, the images show how malls were the center of American social life. Galinsky traversed from coast to coast snapping the best images from the bustling hotspots. 
No filmmaker/photographer has shoved the laparoscope of truth deeper into America's ugly ass than Michael Galinsky. These artful, surveillance-type pix say so little and yet say so much about the vacuous anti-culture we participate in, and take for normal. —
Richard Sandler, "The Eyes of the City"
November 16th @commentarivm 

Free entrance, just come and join us! 🏴

@rumurpix 🖤

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COMMENTARIVM’s 23’ FALL schedule continue full throttle, this time at UrlaDam on November 15th with a super unique live performance by Tasman Richardson as a part of  the promotion for his mind blowing book “Objects In Mirror” published by Impulse [b:] from Toronto, Canada.
Come celebrate with us on this radically special, shamanic ritual! Experience a visual memoir as an exploration of the unknown! Doors open on November 15th, when the clock hits 19:00 at UrlaDam.
Link in bio for tickets. Don’t be lazy, don’t be shy because you know, you won’t, because you can’t miss this thing! 🏴


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This must be the place! Yes COMMENTARIVM is back with amazing shots one after another. 
Firstly we’re super psyched to announce that we’re bringing the creators behind the books of the year for us. Starting with a spectacular artist all the way from Toronto-Canada, Tasman Richardson will be at COMMENTARIVM, reading bits from his book “Objects In Mirror” published by Impulse [b:], signing copies, accompanied with a surprise super limited exhibition of two freshly made riso prints, all numbered and signed by the artist.
Tasman Richardson is his memory of screens. Video from cathode ray to capacitive pixels shapes his language, directs his understanding, and ultimately borders his imagination. Building on McLuhan’s statement “We become what we behold”, Richardson shuttles through the history of tele-vision and tele-presence, postulating consciousness itself as Gysin-esque “cut-up” collage. 
Fragmented, digressive, and occasionally manic, Objects In Mirror refracts autoethnography into a technicolour meditation on our mediated world. An intimate and humourous technical-mystical delving into a distrust of all things perceived both in life and art.

Save the date, and come join us at COMMENTARIVM on the 14th of November. We’ll start gathering around 18:00!


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