7 Windmill Street W1 by Mark Leckey

Publisher: JRP | Ringier, Zürich, 2004
Editor(s): Heike Munder, Mark Leckey
Author(s): Heike Munder, Mark Leckey, Neil Mulholland
Format: Hardcover
Edition: First
Pages: 162
ISBN: 9782940271344

Mark Leckey creates his works by merging, sampling, recreating and referencing material from the current pop-culture & music and itś historic predecessors. His videos, collages and performances reference Saint Just, Montesqieu, Walther Pater Patrick Procter as well as Beyonce, Jeff Koons and the Spice Girls. 7 Windmill Street W1 is the first survey catalogue of his various activities. Conceived as a source book of his working methods and fields of interest, it has been edited by the artist and features images of his main productions, as well as a wealth of other visual materials he has gathered through the years. In addition to original contributions by the artist, it includes reprints of texts from Michel Leiris, and the 19th century-writer Walter Pater, and song lyrics.


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