From Green Glass to Airplane — Recordings by Gabriel Orozco

Publisher: Artimo| Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2001
Author(s): Gabriel Orozco, Martijn van Nieuwenhuijzen
Format: Softcover
Edition: Edition of 3000
Pages: 544
ISBN: 9789075380101

In 1993, Gabriel Orozco removed a lengthwise section of a Citro’n DS and reconnected the two sides, making the car’s fleet form look lighter yet. In From Green Glass to Airplanes, Orozco continues to experiment with form and play with the viewer’s perceptions. His work is singular in its balancing of political and social commitment with an exploration and deconstruction of the possibilities of sculpture, photography, and art. This sizeable and extensive volume features 544 pages of Orozco’s work with over 250 images of his work reproduced in full color.


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