Categories of Disappearance by Eldon Garnet (signed)

Publisher: Impulse [b], 2013
Format: Hardcover, perfect-bound, colour. Photographic print.
Edition: First
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9780986831423

Garnet’s Categories of Disappearance is a fictional fly in the earth’s ointment. He documents the collapse of earth’s biosphere into 55 fragments, or categories as he calls his chapters. In Garnet’s scenario microbes and bugs swallow the same bitter pill as quadrupeds in the form of a mysterious illness. It’s this pathogen that tugs the domino that very quickly topples the entire chain of being, in short, annihilation of life on earth. The crisis manifests itself globally as the inability of oxygen breathers to ingest food. Violent retching ensues, and as starvation sets in, the social fabric quickly unravels. From this point, after the resignation to death has gelled, it’s a cool skate into the final hours of life. If this sounds like the setting of the stage for the ultimate human tragedy (spoiler alert), there is a hint that Garnet backs away from the precipice with parting words such as “slapstick”, “snicker,” and “joke.” – Steve Rockwell

Each signed book includes 1 of 66 signed and numbered photographic prints: 6″ x 8″, light-jet print.


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