Camada a partir do Plano de Fundo / Layer from Background
by Leylâ Gediz

Format: Softcover
Edition: 1st Printing
Pages: 94
ISBN: 9789893336724

In the turbulent square of Martim Moniz, stands a robust building by the architect Bartolomeu Costa Cabral. Invited by TECLA PLAY Cultural Association, artist Leylâ Gediz presents an installation of paintings in the interior gallery of the building, which has been cut off from the square over time and plunged into silence. The exhibition, which can be reached by walking up the ramp on the building’s façade, will allow the site to be visited and the architecture to function as the public space it was designed to be.

Regarding the title in Photoshop applications, transforming the background into an ordinary layer eliminates the idea of a backdrop. As the background loses its gravity, all layers and figures can shift and move independently. Intrigued by the shifts of diasporic beings across the world, Leylâ Gediz is devoted to expanding the field of painting, its settings and its audiences. On this occasion, Gediz will display a group of works that reflect on the possibilities of being unrooted, stemming from her personal experience of coming from Istanbul and living in Lisbon.


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