Once by Wim Wenders

Publisher: D.A.P. | Schirmer, Mosel, 2001
Author(s): Wim Wenders
Format: Paperback
Edition: 2001 Ed.
Pages: 240
ISBN: 1891024256

Prefaced by Wenders’ poetic meditations on the metaphysics of photography and film, “Once” consists of short, autobiographical sketches relating Wenders’ experiences-both meaningful and apparently trivial-on his trips across the world scouting locations for his films, as well as photographs taken during these excursions.

The resulting book is at once travel diary, photo album, and a series of short films or short stories-revealing the views and sentiments of an auteur inspired by the poetry of the eye and the melody of speech. Fascinating and revelatory, “Once” gives us a unique look at the universe Wenders has created out of the hidden pieces of everyday life.

Once, which was first published in Italy in 1993 is Wim Wenders‘ favorite book.